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Amanda Langberg Hermansen

actress, director and writer

Amanda is a Danish born actor, director and writer. She attended the MFA program at The Actors Studio Drama School i New York City.  She is currently working on her play Matronym, which premieres November 23rd at Teater FÅR302 Copenhagen. 

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Nicolai Frimodt Vallys 

professionel fodboldspiller

Nicolai er 27 år og etableret professionel fodboldspiller, hvor han er kantspiller for Brøndby IF og nyligt udtaget til det Danske herrelandshold.

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Julie Silbermann 

director of CHART Art Fair

Julie received her Master’s Degree of Arts in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication from the University of Copenhagen. She has worked at several highly esteemed galleries in Copenhagen before taking on the role as Director for CHART. 

Jonas Hecksher

founder and owner of Playtype

We talked about what "good design" is and how he integrates colours in his home.

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