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Natural Elements

With the spring light finally arriving, we are looking forward to the coming seasons and summer nights spent in company with our 'Natural Elements' outdoor collection. 

We strive to design our outdoor furniture with the same high aesthetics of our indoor furniture making them just as appealing no matter where they stand.


The line is durable and able to withstand all weather, manufactured using resilient materials such as Douglas, Sipo, Ipe and Lark meaning that you easily could, and should let it live indoors as well.

The line consists of outdoor stool, sidetable and bench.

Materia - Douglas, Sipo, Ipe, Lark

H ~ 48cm
S ~ 32,5 x 32,5 cm

Price ~ 5.000 DKK

Material - Douglas, Sipo, Ipe, Lark

Measurements H ~ 48cm
S ~ 36 x 100 cm

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Outdoor_camapign_ss23_A Seat in Siena_18.jpg
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livestyle_camapign_ss23_A Seat in Siena_19.jpg
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Outdoor_camapign_ss23_A Seat in Siena_16_BW.jpg
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