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 ‘One night in Verona’ is a seat in Siena’s take on the classic sofa bed.

Crafted from solid elm wood, the bold veining creates a visually captivating effect, making each piece unique while adding both tension and contrast to the otherwise clean lines and contemporary silhouette.


The textile design by Danish design studio Kibun features a playful pattern with a progression of lines that suggest a narrative. It showcases an interplay of shapes and forms in distinct colors. The central theme, both in terms of color and imagery, is harmony. The design seeks to balance shapes and tones to create a sense of calm through repetition, while also introducing a new addition to the Kibun palette; a vibrant and deep blue.


One night in Verona challenges the perception of how a sofa bed looks and feels. It easily transforms from a sofa to a spacious bed, making it perfect for accommodating guests, creating a cozy lounging area, or making the most of a studio apartment.


The daybed boasts high-density foam and cushions that provide unparalleled comfort, ensure long-lasting durability while offering ample support for lounging, reading, napping or sleeping.


Measurements 90 x 200 and 120 x 200 cm.

Price on request.


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