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All collections from a seat in Siena are handmade in Denmark from locally sourced scrap wood and in the Danish cabinet makers’ overtime. This cradle to cradle way of producing is our contribution to a greener, more sustainable furniture industry.



Life should come in as many colours as days of the week. We know that urban life is calling for multifunctional design solutions.

So, we created our LOOP Series. Every frame in the LOOP Series comes with an easily swappable top. This means that if you buy one seat, you can create many different versions and styles, without the need to buy an entire new piece of furniture.



With “The Ice Cream Collection” for a seat in Siena, Danish design consultant and art director Sarah Gottlieb has created a unique series of colours for a seat in Siena’s classic stool.

“When creating the colour palette for THE ICE CREAM COLLECTION my desire was to create a combination of colours that would speak to the sense of taste.” - Sarah Gottlieb


a (love) seat in Siena

A (love) seat in Siena is a two seater bench made of beautiful Oregon pine, which can also be used as an end table. Functional, yet beautiful. Price on request.



We love to help our clients fit their needs with bespoke designs. So if you have a special request regarding colour or material, please do not hesitate to contact us. Price upon request.

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