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a seat in Siena

We believe that design should be multi functional, timeless and responsibly produced


All editions of a seat in Siena are handmade in Denmark and produced from scrap material in the workshop’s downtime

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Console 0.1

with interchangeable top
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Colorado by RaskBarn
x a seat in Siena

An experimental ceramic project that challenges the use case and production of ceramics


Mia Rønnow Noll is 21 years old and hands behind RaskBarn. She is originally from Stavtrup, a small town outside Aarhus. But now lives in Copenhagen where she is working as a ceramic.


In this project, I have explored different forms of expression. 

The finished sculpture has both a rigid, but also an organic expression. 


The strict expression of the piece is born from the meticulous turning of the three-dimensional facets, after which I softened the expression by hand modeling the sub-elements with a softer expression.


For me, it has been incredibly exciting to make this ceramic sculpture because I have worked with clay in a different way, yet still intertwined with the familiar rhythm of turning clay - which is something I love.


The final piece is an unconventional table runner, composed of six unique ceramic tiles. Each tile, crafted from recycled clay, carries its own distinct character and function within the ensemble. Some tiles serve as candle holders, while others feature bowls or flat surfaces for displaying dishes and objects. 


Compact living

Danish craftsmanship

Minimal waste


With its organic shapes and expressive vein structure, a (love) seat in Siena balances simplicity with complexity.

A (love) Seat in Siena is a two seater bench. 

Functional, yet beautiful. 



Solid Oregon Pine


On request


Preserving craftsmanship//

All products from a seat in Siena are produced in Denmark from locally sourced scrap wood.. This cradle to cradle way of producing is our contribution to a greener and more sustainable furniture industry.