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a seat in Siena

We believe that design should be multi functional, timeless and responsibly produced


All editions of a seat in Siena are handmade in Denmark and produced from scrap material in the workshop’s downtime

Born to change!


At home with Leopold and Alexa Von Bismarck

On how to balance family life and high paced international careers between their home in Berlin and real estate projects in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

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Console 0.1 with interchangeable top


With its organic shapes and expressive vein structure, a (love) seat in Siena balances simplicity with complexity.

A (love) Seat in Siena is a two seater bench. 

Functional, yet beautiful. 



Solid Oregon Pine


On request


Preserving craftsmanship//

All products from a seat in Siena are produced in Denmark from locally sourced scrap wood.. This cradle to cradle way of producing is our contribution to a greener and more sustainable furniture industry. 

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Compact living

Danish craftsmanship

Minimal waste

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Once in a while everybody needs a little TLC

As our designs are made to last for generations, proper usage and maintenance is vital for getting the most out of your furniture. Our wood is high quality, and in order to preserve its beauty and resilience it needs a little TLC once or twice a year. This is why we have developed our wood care series, Lasting Love. Because we love wood! And because your furniture deserves only the very best. ‘Lasting Love’ will make your indoor and outdoor furniture maintain its beauty for generations to come.⁠

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