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We believe that life should come in as many colours as days in the week. So, why settle on one seat if you can have two (or three, or four…)?


With our colourful interchangable seats you can create many different versions and styles on your existing frame, without the need to buy an entire new piece of furniture.


A Raspberry on Top is part of our ICE CREAM COLLECTION by Sarah Gottlieb for A seat in Siena.


”When creating the colour palette for “The Ice Cream Collection” my desire was to create a combination of colours that would speak to the sense of taste. There had to be something sweet, something sour, something a little bitter and something salty - together the five colours create the sensation of umami.” — Sarah Gottlieb


Just like all of our designs at A seat in Siena, THE ICE CREAM COLLECTION celebrates compact living, Danish craftsmanship and optimal utilisation of time and raw material.



Our stools are designed to meet the changing needs of modern life. At night as a bedside table. During dinner as an extra seat around the dining table, on Sundays as a side table next to your sofa or by your favourite armchair. 



All editions of a seat in Siena are hand made in Denmark and produced from scrap wood from large scale heritage productions and in the carpenters’ overtime. This is our contribution to minimise waste and to embrace a more sustainable, yet beautiful lifestyle.



The seat is made of painted plywood with a glossy finish. The vibrant and fluorescent hues are obtained by a custom mix of colour and multiple layers of clear coat. 



Seat: 32.5 cm. x 32.5 cm



As any other painted product the surface can be scratched if exposed for heavy use or direct contact with sharp items. The seat is very easy to clean with a damp cloth. 



Every frame and every seat by A Seat in Siena is hand made to order with love in Denmark. Our lead production time is around 9-12 weeks but it will last for a lifetime. We will confirm your delivery window after processing your order.

A Raspberry on Top Seat

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