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When I chose my a seat in Siena chair in a clear blue colour

- it was very deliberated as the color is also known as the Yves Klein Blue


Julie Silbermann has significant experience from different positions within the international art scene, where she has worked as gallery director, art advisor, cultural communicator and curator.


What does great design mean to you? 

Simplicity and minimalism - when the form and material co-exist and all ornaments have been removed, so you enter the essence of the object. When a design object defines something without using language and simultaneously tells something about you, and why you included it in your home - that is to me the magic of great design. 


Which role does color play in your life and how do you integrate them into your living space? (If you do)

I’m interested in color therapy and how colors can affect our mental and physical health. Each day we’re exposed and surrounded by colors in all shapes - in nature, at work, in the way we dress, the entertainment we watch and in our home. The colors you surround yourself with at home tells a lot about you both consciously and unconsciously. My home is more muted in the colors, but carefully chosen so that they compliment each other and create a balance and calmness. When I chose my A Seat in Siena chair in a clear blue color - it was very deliberated as the color is also known as the Yves Klein Blue. Working with art to me this color is so iconic and a symbol of one of the pioneers in the development of performance and minimal art - the French artist Yves Klein. 


ASIS // You have had a long-standing career within art. When it comes to the World of arts. What do you expect that we will see more of in the coming years?


JULIE // An even stronger individualization and movement outside the mainstream, but where it comes much more naturally. Art has always been able to focus on highly topical issues on a completely different level. As art often takes over where the words are not enough. The focus on ethnicity, identity and gender have grown enormously in the art within the past few years. But one thing is the physical artworks another is the NFT - Non-Fungible Token - a digital asset that exists only in the digital universe. So you can’t touch it but you can own it. This crypto art market will very likely grow to a level we have not yet seen. 

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