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Our Serving blocks comes in 3 different sizes and are ideal for servings of cheeses, charcuterie, oysters and any other dish needing presenting with style. The serving blocks comes in solid oak and Douglas. The Douglas is hand painted with tree different mesmerizing and playful colours perfect to dress up any table setting.

The collection shines on its own or in a combination with our other home accessory products adding a playful style of contemporary beauty to any home.


As our products are sculpted out of solid blocks of wood. Over time inclusions, such as cracks, may arise, which is a natural feature of the wood. The alternative would have been to clue different pieces of wood together in order to stabilize the natural expansion of the material. But that would not have been as beautiful or close to nature.


Our Serving blocks are sold as individual items or in packs of three.


Please state in your order which material and colour you wish us to produce your blocks in.



BLOCK 870 150 x. 150 x 60 mm

BLOCK 1740 200 x 200 x 90 mm

BLOCK 3480 250 x 250 x150 mm


Production and delivery time - 6-8 weeks.

Serving blocks pack of three

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